Fuck My Cup Of Tea

a qui elle est cette main??

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21 August 1984
enculeur de dauphins

33, ambassador 21, assemblage 23, being dumb, being odd, big parties, blablabla, bozo porno circus, calista flockhart, combichrist, converter, creating clothes, depeche mode, dolores o'riordan, dr marten's shoes, eels, hocico, icon of coil, indus, jack off jill, madame bovary, martini, my cat, myself, new wave, nin, ninninnin, odd and cute persons, one of my ex, pas toi, patsy stone etc..., piercings, pills, propofan, prozac, punish yourself, queen adreena, rasputina, risperdal, schnappi das kleine krokodile, shbrew, skinny person, spend all my money, ta mere, vive la fete, vodka jet 27, warren suicide ministry, winnie the gay pooh, wiskey, wumpscut, xanax

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